World class potato salad – with lemon, goat cheese and olives

potato salad

I haven´t really been eating cheese for two years – or actually I haven´t been eating any kind of dairy products for the past two years because I felt bad everytime I had something that contained milk. But recently I discovered (and I´m sitting with a big smile on my face) that cheese dosen´t make me feel bad. So today something amazing happened – that is actually worth writing on the world wide web: I bought a cheese! “Wow she is crazy” – you might think. Continue reading

5 tips for a sugar free life

Inspired of this blogpost about living a sugar free life I felt like giving a few tips from the sugar free time in my life…. oh yeah im not sugar free at the moment!!

2 years ago I was really emotional and mentally unstable and fighting my way through that I started to be really alert about what kind of things that changed my mood and how the food I eat effected my body and my mind. I realized that every time I had been eating sugar I felt really bad the day after. I was moody, tired, stress and confused and life was not really great. I also slept really bad after eating sugar and in general everything was a little uphill.

Then I had a test at my acupuncturist that told me what I already knew – that I was really sensitive to sugar and that it messed up my mind. So from one day to another I quite sugar (along with different other things). The first two months were tough. I started crying all the time and my mental state of mind was so unpredictable. But after two weeks everything changed. Suddenly my mood didn´t change for no reason, I slept better at night, I was happy and I didn´t care about stupid things anymore.

So why did I start eating sugar again? Because it´s really hard not to when you´re living in this part of the world. You have to be alert all the time and because my life changed a bit I didn´t really have energy to keep up the no-sugar-thing for more than 9-10 months.

But it´s not a waste of time and energy because now I can eat sugar without getting so effected of it. I found a balance in my life which allows me to have some sugar in my life, but I listen to my body when it tells me that it had enough – and that works out pretty well for me now.

So here is what I promised you. 5 tips if you want to try a life without sugar and see what it does to you.

1)    Tell your friends and family that you´re not eating sugar and that it´s not because you are a saint, but you wanna try how it is. It´s much easier if the people around you know what you´re doing so they so they can help you instead of working against you.

2)    Instead of focusing on what you CAN`T have focus on what you CAN have.  You can eat fruit, honey, agave syrup (don´t eat too much though), nuts, raisins, yoghurt, bananas, dark chocolate without sugar, coconut etc.

3)    Always have something to eat in your bag e.g. almonds, so you don´t get tempted to eat a big piece of cake because you´re actually hungry.

4)    Try keeping your blood sugar stabile by eating lots of small meals during a day. If you´re blood sugar is getting too low your body will scream for sugar.

5)    Try make some cakes without sugar so you don´t feel like you´re giving up everything. Try my chocolate cupcakes they are really good – and I will guarantee you that you won´t notice that they are sugar free except that they don´t make you feel bad ;)

Good luck out there if you start on a sugar free project!

Xx, Laura

Warm winter pasta salad with butternut squash


When I go to a new country I don´t know much about I visit a completely normal, and for most people, boring supermarket, to get a feeling of what kind of country I´m in. So when I go on holiday somewhere one of the first things I do is to go to a supermarket and check out what kind of exotic things they have on the selves.

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Rye bread – the Danish answer to fast food


Well, well, well what do we have here? It shouldn´t happen to be a blog post? I know it´s been a while and I´m not feeling too good about that. But lots of things happened the last couple of months with the big moving to London. To be fair to this food blog I haven’t had a kitchen to cook in until recently and time haven’t been floating in the streets (is that a saying?)
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Last weekend I was back on the school bench. I started studying to become a biopath/naturopath. It´s really interesting and in a few years I will be the expert in herbs, vitamins and minerals – hopefully. Right now I kind of got other things on my mind (moving to London next week), so it´s hard to keep focus on anything. Including this blog – but I got big plans with its future :)

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Exotic Tuna-fishcakes and crispy vegetables

Tuna fishcakesYou can´t even say that it is the end of the month, but I already used too much money. Mostly I used my money on health-related stuff like supplements as vitamins and minerals, different alternative treatments and fixing my bike. (I keep telling myself that in order to explain why I´m already broke) … and maybe I used a little money going out, but that´s kind of health-related too. To be social and hang out with your friends is good for your mental health, and your mental health is strongly connected to your physical health. Anyway.

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Fluffy Banana pancakes – as healthy as a dessert gets


Normally I don´t really have a sweet tooth. I rarely feel like eating sweet things and desserts. Not to sound like a Saint that always eats the right things, I´m just much more of a salt-person than a sugar-person. Never the less I have had a craving for banana pancakes the past few days, after one of my friends made me some last week. Continue reading

Tasty Meatballs in a green landscape



So many people are going jogging these days. It’s the visible sign that it´s January. It´s raining and people go running. A new year has come and people are trying to live a healthier life. Personally I hate running in January. Not because of the rain or snow and the cold weather, but because I don’t want people to think I´m just running because I had a New Year resolution. Yeah, I know that’s silly and it´s not keeping me from running.

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Delicious and sugar free Christmas candy

One week before it´s Christmas I decide not to eat white sugar – or at least try not to eat it. Not my smartest move. Most people would maybe start the first for January and make it a New Year´s resolution, but I´m a little bit too impatient. Because I know what a life without sugar can do to me. All kinds of amazing things:

– stop my sugar cravings
– stabilize my your blood sugar and regulates my appetite *
– makes my mood more stabilized, so people don´t run into “angry Laura” or “really nervous Laura” so often
– gives me more energy and makes me sleep better
– I digest my food much better without sugar. Just found out that I apparently got some problems with my digestive system, so actually that is why I´m giving this no-sugar-thing a new shot.

And why do I know this? Because just before Christmas last year (do you see a pattern!) I stopped eating white refined sugar, and my whole world changed. Unfortunately it only lasted 9 months and it sneaked back into my life. So this time I won´t ban sugar, just try eating and drinking as little as possible.

I don´t believe in fanatic rules about eating. I tried that some years ago. It´s a nightmare. When you say: You can´t eat sugar. All you want is sugar. So I found a new strategy:” Laura you can eat all the sugar you want. So I´m going to trick me brain. So who is laughing now!

There is a lot of other ways to get something sweet without having refined sugar. Dates, raisins, bananas, sundried apricots, agave syrup, maple syrup and honey without added sugar. So there is plenty of ways to spoil your sweet tooth.

Yesterday I made some Christmas candy things. I will definitely cure your sugar cravings and you only need a few. I know my mum made some similar to the ones I made, so I have something to eat for on Christmas evening when everyone else is eating marzipan, chocolates and other stuff like that. So I will have to see if I can control myself. Anyway here comes the recipe for some healthier Christmas candy.

Ingredients: 400 g. dates 200 g. almonds Tasteless vegetarian oil unsweetened cacao powder licorice powder Coconut flakes

Blend dates, almonds and a bit of oil together until it´s a smooth mass. If it´s not possible to blend it you can add a little extra oil or a little bit of water. Divide the mass into two half´s. Add coconut flakes into one of them until you can make the mass into small balls. Roll the balls into some more coconut flakes and put them in the refrigerator. The other half of the dates mass you add the cacao powder too and roll the mass into balls as well. Roll these into licorice powder and put them in the refrigerator as well. Maybe the licorice powder will disappear from the surface and into the candy. Then just add some more before you serve them.  Then they are done!

There a plenty variations of this kind of candy. You can use other kind of nuts like walnuts or hazelnuts. You can add orange, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom or any other flavor you like – in the dessert category. Don´t try mixing it up with something silly like bacon. Some men would probably try to. Or maybe that is just my prejudice! Anyway. I will try not eating sugar for a while and see what happens. So these little candy pieces will maybe save me some failing in the big sugar trap through Christmas!2012-12-16 23.26.10


The world’s best healthy chocolate-banana cupcake

CupcakeI know a lot of people pull a funny face when someone is talking about healthy cakes. And I don’t blame them. There is nothing more pathetic trying to make something healthy that is per definition full of sugar, flour and butter and it fails. I tried making some healthy cakes a few times and they have been good, but not exceptional good and definitely not better tasting than “real” cakes. But that was before I tried the cake I will present for you today. It tastes like any other chocolate cake but I won’t fuck up your blood sugar and it´s filled with nice ingredients that your body will love and thank you for. Even though it´s healthy it´s still contains lots of calories. So it´s not a cake you can just eat all day long without gaining weight, but it´s way better than a normal cake filled with refined sugar and flour that will go straight to your blood and make you crave more sugar .

I made these cupcakes for my birthday a week ago. I was a bit nervous about what my guests would think about a healthy birthday cake. But it was my birthday and I serve healthy cakes if I want to! They all loved the cakes and they were a huge success. They didn´t even noticed that it was a healthy cake until I told them.


400 g. dates without stones
200 g. almonds
2 bananas
6 tablespoons of cacao without sugar
corns from one vanilla pod
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Juice from one orange
6 eggs
6 tablespoons of rapeseed oil
Coconut flour
Unsweetened dark chocolate or dark chocolate 80 %. (yeah. It will contain a little bit of sugar. But there is a lot of good stuff in dark chocolate too, so no worries!)


Blend dates and ¾ of the almonds and the oil in a food processor or a normal blender. If it´s too hard to mix up add a little bit of water. Add the bananas, juice, vanilla, cinnamon and cacao. It should be a smooth paste. You can taste it and find out if it needs some more cinnamon or vanilla or cacao. Add the eggs and mix it up. The dough should be fluent now. Chop the rest of the almonds and add it to the dough and stir with a big spoon.

Fill some cupcake forms with the dough and bake them in a preheated oven on 160 degrees in about 15 minutes.

When the cakes are done and cooled of you can melt the chocolate and put a little blob on every cake and then sprinkle on the coconut flour on top.

You can serve the cakes with fresh fruit or berries. I just served the cakes as they were.

Things to do wrong:

–         Baking them to long. They will get really dry

–         Thinking negative thoughts about the cakes being healthy

–         Think they taste soooo good that you have to have 20. That will mess up your stomach because of all the dates. So be careful :)